Frequently Asked Questions:

A life coach is an individual who is professionally trained to help clients maximize their potential and acheive their desired goals. Through targeted powerful conversations a life coach will provide you objective and enthusiastic support in reaching higher levels of self-awareness and breaking through limiting beliefs and blind spots that have developed in your life.

The IPEC Coaching method starts with the Energy Index Assessment and what is effectively a powerful reflection of how you are currently showing up.  The goal of coaching is to help you become your highest and happiest self.  Through coaching you will adopt an “abundance” mindset and see what is possible, powerfully declare a vision for your life and have a safe and supportive place to change your life and acheive your goals!

As human beings our highest power is “self awareness.”  Over time our experiences create filters through which we see the world that must be carefully examined if we are to reach our highest potential. A coach is trained to help you objectively examine these filters and see how your attitude and perceptions are impacting your ability to be happy and reach your goals. 

In short, a life coach is trained to help you get clear on where you are today and support you with tools and strategies to move forward to attain your goals. A therapist or counselor is trained in healing past trauma and issues of a “clinical” or “medical” nature.  While coaching can be a powerful tool in dealing with serious issues or in conjunction with therapy, it is generally a process that should be utilized by reasonably functioning people to move forward, overcome limiting beliefs and transform their life.  Coaching is not a substitute for the medical attention required to address serious mental health or medical issues.  

**A life coach is not a medical doctor, please reach out if you have any questions on this subject or others**

The primary focus of our sessions is you! Your life and the lens through which you see it is what determines how things will be for you. Armed with deep insight from the ELI assessment we will have powerful conversations about (including but not limited to) your career, family, finances, fun & enjoyment, health & aging, leadership, personal development, relationships and spiritual awareness.

The space created between you and I is sacred and your privacy is of the utmost importance to me!  The results of the ELI assessment and all subject matter discussed in our sessions is completely private and confidential!  You can expect a safe and judgement free place to open up and process anything and everything that is coming up for you.

Typically Life Coaching takes place over the phone.  Our sessions will be scheduled and we can work together to find the most suitable times for our calls.  Some coaching packages may include face to face interactions and the details of that can be arranged, the most important thing is to take the first important step of reaching out to discuss an ELI assessment and debrief, from there a package tailored to your individual needs can be developed.

Kelly is trained and certified by IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.) iPEC was one of the first coach training programs to be accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and goes beyond the requirements necessary for accreditation. IPEC accredits qualified trainers in the delivery of the Energy Leadership Index (ELI), the debrief process, and the implementation of the Energy Leadership Development System. Only those with the designation of ELI Master Practitioner are approved by IPEC to perform the assessment, debrief and coaching methods. 

While you may get tremendous insight into your life from the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) and Debrief alone, continued coaching requires commitment to a minimum of 12 sessions. Your thought patterns have been developed over years and it takes time to adopt new ways of thinking. IPEC Coaching is based on research that supports the relationship between calculated efforts to raise core energy and a subsequent increase in life satisfaction.  The supporting data for this conclusion demonstrated that significant change requires a comprehensive review of all key categories and a minimum time frame of at least 90 days.  

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