Core Energy Coaching


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People have improved their lives

With iPEC Core Energy Coaching

Coaching Packages

ELI Assessment & Debrief

Level 1
  • 1 of a kind "attitudinal" assessment that reveals your ARL (Average Resonating Level of Energy)
  • Learn how your perceptions and reactions are impacting your life
  • A Shortcut to an awareness of your energetic profile in all areas of your life

The Energy Leadership Development System

Level 3
  • The only program of it's kind, backed by 20 years of research
  • A guided experience backed by metrics with carefully selected topics
  • An accelerated training to help you step into your untapped leadership potential
  • Includes both a before/after Energy Assessment - quantify your results!
Best Choice!

ELI, Debrief & Coaching

Level 2
  • Includes the ELI Index Assessment & Debrief and 11 Coaching Sessions
  • A deep dive into understanding how you are creating your reality
  • See what is working for you and what isn't - get the power of choice!

The Power of Core Energy Coaching™

Core Energy Coaching is based on the two-fold understanding that humans are, at their core, energetic beings and that the amount and quality of core energy a person experiences daily will determine his or her overall potential to pursue goals and experience fulfillment.

Armed with the unique insights provided by the ELI Assessment, Core Energy Coaching supports clients in expanding their awareness of how their thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes about their work, home life and community play a significant role in determing their lived experience.  By increasing their understanding of how they have manifested their current circumstances and the challenges with which they struggle, they are empowered to make new choices and more easily realize their goals and dreams. 

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