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With Energy Leadership Workshops

CORE ENERGY COACHING is the process that connects
one’s inner purpose and passion (Energy and Engagement)
with their outer goals and strategies
to achieve extraordinary and sustainable success.

The Energy Leadership Index assessment provides tangible, research-backed data to seemingly intangible concepts like energy, mindset, and satisfaction.  The ability to measure and report on how your people are showing up in their day-to-day lives gives you actionable insight to shift your organizational culture and increase your leadership effectiveness

Group Workshops

KCML Coaching & Consulting
  • Bring the most effective leadership assessment available to your organization
  • Explore the 7 Levels of Leadership that attract or repel success
  • Promote greater awareness of how people think, act and feel
  • Learn the 4 "Energy Drainers" that inhibit productivity and how to avoid them
  • Reduce stress by changing "reactions" to circumstances
  • Step into your areas of opportunity
1 of a kind
iPEC's Unique Core Energy Process

Next Level Leadership!

Unlike most leadership programs which focus on goals, action plans and accountability, the core energy process will empower your organization to dig deep to assess who they are and who they want to become.  Backed by 30 years of research and a rich history of results the core energy coaching process is the most effective leadership framework and change process in use today.

Increase Engagement

Helping everyone step into their leadership potential will foster new levels of ownership and accountability within your organization

Improve Organizational Culture

Core Energy Workshops promote a shift in concsiousness from "what's wrong" to "how can we make this work?"

Unlock Leadership Potential

A Deep dive into how people are creating their reality uncovers hidden blocks to your highest potential.

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